Thursday, 22 September 2011

Jealousy is a motivation.

Jealousy. Don’t try to lie to me, others or even yourself that you never felt this feeling before. Of course you did, right? The person that we always jealous of is always the pretty one, rich and have a better life than yours, right? I’m not typing this to tell you that I’m the right one but this is somehow the truth. When we look at someone who has nice car, beautiful face, financially stable, happy love story and many more, we will feel jealous of them. Then there comes the jelousy and negative feeling and you start to talk to yourself “Eleh, she just wanna show off”, “Ah, there’s someone pretty than her”, “Duh, mine is better than her” or “trust me. They are just pretending. Eleh eleh”. We can’t deny this inner thoughts had appeared in our mind.

My point is, it’s okay to be jealous as it is a natural feeling that everybody in this world has. Mind me if I say that you are not normal if you’ve never felt any jealousy towards anyone in entire of your life. But, why don’t you try to apply this jealousy in your mind as a motivation to yourself??

In my life, I have always feel jealous towards this particular person; which is my cousin. She is a beautiful, smart, talented and nice girl that I have ever met. I always feel insecure whenever I’m with her because my family always comparing me with her and of course, she’s the one who won the title of ‘owh-you-are-the-most-perfect-girl-we’ve-ever-seen’. She always get the praise and as the black sheep, I always received the words that always make me down and feel insecure, sad and depress. Everytime I feel upset with myself, I’ll tell myself; ‘it’s okay to be imperfect. Try to make it as a positive thing. You can be better as you try harder in your life and achieve what you want. Ignore what people said about you. You just have to prove to yourself and them that you can succeed by your own way”. As long as I’ve this thought in my mind, I will be fine. I try to motivate myself to be in the same level or probably higher than her. In this case, we’ll be in a win-win situation. No one’ll get hurt and no one’ll get any sin by saying bad stuff to others because of jealousy.

The key point here is, be positive. Try to befriend with the one that you’re jealous with. If it’s hard to befriend with her because she is Jessica Alba, then try to make her as an inspiration. Don’t la kutuk-kutuk that person. You’ll only receive the sin and your life also won’t change to any better. Make yourself and anyone around you happy. As simple as that :)



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