Sunday, 25 September 2011

I'm the one who...

- laughs as hard as I could and wanted to whenever someone makes jokes.

- wears tracksuit and t-shirt and wandering around the college with that clothes. well, it's kinda 'wajib' for someone (mostly everyone) in the private college to dress up as you wanna go to shopping mall, eventhough you are actually heading to the class. Somehow, I don't really mind bout it :)

- does spontaneous things to the one who I really comfortable to. If I did something crazy and spontaneous in front of your eyes, you are the lucky one ;)

- loves to hear gossips but hardly spill it to anyone.

- people see me as a silent girl. Even my lecturer called me 'spiral of silence'. But, you don't know the truth, bebeyh :D

I simply say all this for you to know a bit bout me though I know you are not paying any attention -__- I like it when a person befriends with me first, before she judged me. That's all.



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