Sunday, 2 October 2011

Words couldn't say much.

Been a long time (really??) since I updated this blog. Well as mentioned before, I was busy with the seem-like-never-ending college stuff and I kinda have no mood for updating this blog for awhile due to some internal problem of myself. And now, I'm back! :D

I woke up a bit late last Friday due to the not-enough sleep and sleepless nights before. After awaken, the first thing on my mind was 'take the laptop and online'. Yeahh such a lazy girl, right? Didn't even think of take a shower pun. Huhu. I checked on my blog and saw the first comment in my blog (yeaayy!!). It was from my beloved girl who is always be right behind, beside and  in front me whenever I'm mad, happy, sad, anxious, jealous and whatever feelings you can tell :) She never failed to listen to my problematic and rubbish stories, I love her a lot! The girl said in the comment that she has a present for me. So I went to the link that she gave on the comment, then saw a totally cute template for blog. The best part is, the template is specially for my blog! She said it was a welcome gift for this blog (I also think that the gift was meant for cheering me). 

a lovely template from her :) 

I was and still feel that I didn't deserve this thing. She made this for me! Yeah, for ME only and it's FREE!! Double yeay!! :P This gift of her made my day and I appreciate it. Thanks to you, Tiqa :) I'll pay you later, but with other thing la. I'm completely a dummy in this template and blog thingy. Hehehe. 

Owh! Before I forgot... If you want my beloved bestfriend do a template for you, just click on the link or you can go to her personal blog, the Tiqcakap. You can request on your own taste of template and pay her a minimal amount of cash of RM10 or a RM10-topup would be just fine for her :) You also can ask her anything on editing your blog, she's willing to answer it. Kan Tiqa, kan? Ekeke..

So long for today. Hope tomorrow will be a better day for you and me :')